CineClub to Explore the House of Others

In the early 1990s, a cruel and devastating civil war took place between Abkhazia and Georgia, immersing the post-Soviet region in conflict. During one night alone, in 1993, upwards of 300,000 Georgians were forced to abandon their homes in Abkhazia and move to various cities and towns throughout Georgia. Many still have the keys to their old houses in hopes of returning. Those on the “winning” side had to look for a fresh start, relocating to the countryside, where they were assigned houses previously occupied by the “enemy”. Living in the houses of others, memories linger within every wall and piece of furniture, a constant reminder of the horrors experienced by owners past. And though the new house-dwellers may seek peace, for some it seems unreachable amidst the war that continues to rage within them.

A heavy theme indeed, and one which is masterfully explored in the post-war award-winning drama, House of Others, directed by Rusudan Glurjidze, and written by Dato Chubinishvili with the director.

Continuing its great monthly tradition of sharing Georgian culture, history and film, the Tbilisi CineClub is kick-starting 2017 with a showing of House of Others (103 minutes), followed by an open Q&A session with the director herself.

The drama has won four Best Film awards (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, NETPAC) and is set to attend a plethora of festivals throughout 2017.

“House of Others raises questions of ethics and morality which are now even more relevant than when we started to shoot the film,” says Glurjidze.

Filmed in an abandoned “Greek” village in the Adjaran mountains, the principal message of the movie is undoubtedly that there are no true winners in warfare. How that message is conveyed is for you to discover on Monday. See you there!

Tickets can be purchased at or at the cinema box office.

WHERE: Amirani Cinema (Kostava Street)

WHEN: January 30, 7pm

TICKET: 3 GEL (plus 2 GEL admission fee as a donation towards organizational costs which include end-of-show Q&A sessions with directors and producers)

Katie Ruth Davies

26 January 2017 21:20