Ambassador: Strong Cooperation between US and Georgia to Continue

TBILISI – The United States' Ambassador to Georgia, Ian Kelly, in reaction to concerns over Donald Trump’s accession to US presidency and his “America First” policy, has said he believes that the existing strong cooperation between Georgia and the US will continue under Trump’s administration.

The ambassador said that the new administration has already expressed readiness to continue economic cooperation with Georgia.

“We will see what policy the US has once the Secretary of State is appointed. However, I can assure you that Georgia-US relations will remain strong and I think they may even be strengthened," he said.

“I will advocate Georgia-US trade relations,” Kelly said, adding that he is calling for the US Chamber of Commerce representative to visit Georgia.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the USA. He won the general election on November 8, 2016, against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and assumed office on January 20. At age 70, he is the oldest and wealthiest person to assume the presidency. Since the elections, his comments have led to concern that his ties with Putin’s Russia will strengthen to the effect that relations with Georgia will be damaged.

by Thea Morrison

23 January 2017 12:02