Int'l KANI Clinic Continues #takecare Social Awareness Campaign

International dermatovenerology clinic KANIhas initiated another round of its social awareness campaign #Take Care, which aims to motivate people to pay more attention to sexually transmitted infections. Recent statistics in Georgia suggest that in 2015 only around 15,000 cases of sexually transmitted infections were registered. This number, however, is likely misleading, as citizens are very often quite reluctant to approach doctors with STIs. The actual number of cases in Georgia could very well be over 100,000.

These statistics are quite alarming, because many infections can cause serious and life-altering complications if left untreated, such as infertility, impotency, or worse sex.

KANI calls for citizens of Georgia to take care of their own health and the health of their partners. It is essential to undergo medical tests. A number of celebrities, professionals, and psychologistsare a part of the campaign, urging more people to visit their venereologist.

Kani clinic offers diagnoses via urinary DNA (genetic) analysis, which is completely in line with the all the latest international standards.With urinary analysis it possible to diagnose various infections, important news for everyone. Men especially will appreciate the technological advance, since for them the full range of infections was previously diagnosable only by swabbing, a rather painful method. For treatment, too, Kani clinic meets every international standard.

The #TakeCare social awareness campaign is being carried out on online social networks. There is also a web page, accessible at




10 January 2017 17:43