Want to Buy Betania Resort?

Betania winter ski resort is up for sale. As the head of the resort’s managing company Randevu Betania, Tamaz Basilia, told news outlet Commersant, the reason is a lack of dedication and interest from the local authorities. He says operation of the ski resort was suspended for the second consecutive year this season.

“There are problems with Telasi incorrectly charging taxes. There is no access road to the resort. Basically, there are problems in every direction,” Basilaia said. “I have worked solely on enthusiasm for 1-2 years but it can’t go on. Nobody cares about this ski resort.”

Who the next owner will be is still unclear. Basilaia says the Betania ski resort is dependent on snow as artificial snow is too expensive. He also notes that there is a hotel located at the resort, however, contsruction is unfinished and there is a lack of ski infrastructure.

The ski resort has a price tag of $2.5 million. “This is the amount that was invested in the development of the resort,” Basilaia said.

Randevu Betania is located only 18 kilometers from Tbilisi and is spread over 30 thousand square meters. The resort was launched in 2012 and was initially planned as a year-round holiday destination.

Natia Liparteliani

09 January 2017 20:15