TBC Bank Launches New Online Platform for Charity

TBC Status announced the launch of a new online platform for charity at Rustaveli Theater on Wednesday.

A specially created web page: statusdonates.ge gives a unique possibility for its customers to participate in the funding of projects, people or organizations who need it most. On entering the site and watching the video-stories provided, with just one click, any individual can participate and make a donation.

By launching the innovative online charity platform, TBC is attempting to change the existing charity practices in the country, as the active involvement of citizens will be a guarantee for changing the future of those in need. Social responsibility is said to be an important issue for TBC and it carries out numerous social projects, to a cost of around GEL 4-5 million annually, in the spheres of arts, sports, and funding other events that are regarded as being of high significance for society each year.

In 2016, TBC announced it had become a major partner of the Georgian Rugby Union, ready to support the development and promotion of rugby in Georgia. In terms of CSR investments, TBC Bank implements the same practice as international banks, including Barclay’s and HSBC.

Within the framework of the newly launched online platform, TBC Bank will collect stories, the protagonists and projects of which can be funded by anyone, while TBC will also actively participate in funding, alongside covering administrative costs for the fund.

The TBC Status service has received various prestigious international awards and in 2017 marks its 10th year anniversary. The personal banking service focuses on creating maximum comfort for clients by being less time consuming and totally adjusted to the needs and lifestyles of its consumers.

“TBC has a long tradition of and experience in charity,” said Mamuka Khazaradze, Co -Founder and Chairman of TBC Bank. “Every year we invest approximately GEL 5 mln in different social projects, such as health, arts, or cultural heritage and now we’ve decided to expand our activities in order to become more effective. With this online platform, we primarily aim to unite efforts together with the people with whom we’re doing business, our status clients, people who are creating workplaces and employment opportunities on a daily basis; to make the experience of giving even more interesting and engaging. The projects to be funded will be chosen democratically and everyone will have their say in setting the priorities. The most important thing is to create an institutional culture with regards to charity work and social responsibility. That’s what matters,” Khazaradze emphasized. “Apart from financial, our contribution to the new project is our team of high professionals who will do their best for the new initiative to succeed. But its success also depends on all of our joint efforts…and good will of course.”

In the framework of the first stage of the new online platform, three projects are already being assisted by TBC Bank: the Orphanage in Dzegvi village, Creative Education Studio CES, and the winners of the Leonardo Da Vinci young inventors’ competition, who were awarded with one year TBC Status scholarships on the decision of Nino Masurashvili, Deputy CEO Retail and SME Banking TBC Bank, and Tamar Kirvalidze, Director for External Relations Media Communications TBC Bank.

The new online platform will kick off from January, focusing on financing aspiring young talents, and projects in arts, science or ecology. Other themes will be added in future for potential funding opportunities.

Nino Gugunishvili

29 December 2016 19:26