Reserved Parking for Electric Taxis, Free Top-Ups

In order to promote the use of electric vehicles in Tbilisi, parking spots for electric taxis will be specially reserved and the recharge process will be free - said Head of the Municipal Department of Transport, Mamuka Mumladze.

“On December 26, City Hall made the important decision to apply a number of changes to Tbilisi parking regulations,” Mumladze said. “Special parking spaces have been chosen for electric taxis needing to be charged while the charging process itself will be free.”

He also noted that there are currently around 50 electric vehicles in Tbilisi. Two companies have already expressed the desire to provide an electro-taxi service.

“Various companies have already come to us asking us to help them pick a location in order to assist them provide Electro Taxi services to passengers. Company Gino Paradise has already applied to City Hall with a desire to lease parking spaces, as has ‘m2’,” Mumladze confirmed.

Natia Liparteliani

29 December 2016 19:14