Excise Tax to Be Further Reduced for Hybrid Cars

From 2017 onwards, in accordance with changes planned by the Government of Georgia, the excise tax for hybrid cars will be reduced. As the legislation stipulates, 0-6 year-old hybrid cars will see a decrease of 10 percent.

"Taking into consideration the environmental policy, for 0-6 year-old vehicles, the excise rates defined by the same sub-paragraph will decrease. In the case of hybrid vehicles, tax will be reduced to 60 percent, instead of the 50 percent that we have today" - it states in the Law on the Tax Code of Georgia, Amendments to the Tax Code.

The excise tax was reduced by 50 percent for 0-6 year-old hybrid cars in May this year.

Natia Liparteliani

05 December 2016 18:25