10-Multi-Storey Parking Lots to be Built in Tbilisi Center

Ten multi-storey parking lots are be constructed in the central areas of Tbilisi, says Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania.

“We will soon announce a tender for the works,” Narmania said. “First we are working on completing the necessary technical and financial documentation, after which the tender will be announced.”

“City Hall recognizes the need for multi-storey parking in the central parts of Tbilisi, where traffic is dense and parking is difficult. To address this need we have developed 10 projects for the city center,” Narmania said.

The winning investor will be in control of setting the parking tariffs.

“This does not, however, mean that our agreement with C.T. Park will be annulled,” the Mayor stated. “The C.T. Park agreement does not involve setting such parking lots and so we foresee no conflict of interest in that regard.”

“Our current relations with C.T. Park are not good,” Narmania admitted. “We hope to alleviate our citizen’s discomfort with the implementation of this new parking project.”

C.T. Park has been operating in Tbilisi for around nine years and has an exclusive right to arrange street parking spaces and administer fines for parking violations until 2025. Tbilisi residents have been expressing increasing disapproval of the work of the company, saying the costs are high and the cars are often taken to the pound illegally.

Natia Liparteliani

21 November 2016 17:55