McDonald’s Georgia Launches Innovative Self-Service Kiosks

In partnership with Visa and Bank of Georgia, McDonald’s Georgia presented an innovative self-ordering kiosk at the restaurant’s Digomi branch this weekend. With its flexible design and layout, the newly launched self-service kiosk is tailored to provide faster and easier service to customers and, most notable, is adapted to meet the needs of customers with disabilities.

The new self-service kiosks offer the customer a touch-screen through which they can make an order choosing any item from the McDonald’s menu displayed on the screen and then pay by credit card, reducing queue and payment processing times.

McDonald’s Georgia is among the first in Europe to introduce the new technology, in line with the global strategic priorities of the company. The implementation of the self-service kiosks is seen as a new stage in the customer service sphere, bringing more unique and innovative services soon to be offered to the Georgian clientele.

For several consecutive years, McDonald's Georgia has been named the best service provider in the country.

“With the introduction of this innovative service platform, and exactly with projects like these, McDonald’s Georgia is rightly positioned as one of the most advanced on the European market,” said Tengiz Kapanadze, Director of Mcdonald’s Georgia. “Our customers are very important for us and such projects aim to create maximum comfort for them. We constantly seek to provide better, faster services. But this is just the first step and we have a lot more plans for the future.”

“In 2013, together with McDonald’s Georgia and Bank of Georgia, we launched the first contactless payments in McDonald’s restaurants and now we’re continuing this tradition of offering more convenient, faster solutions to our joint clients” said Dmitro Krepak, Visa Regional Manager to Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia. “McDonald’s customers will be able to use the innovative self-service kiosks from today onwards. One of our many key focus areas is safety of payments- important for both us and for our customers. We’re working on several very interesting solutions that will soon be launched in Georgia.”

Self-ordering kiosks are currently available at four McDonald’s restaurant branches: next to the US Embassy, on Tsereteli Avenue, at East Piont Tbilisi and on Friendship Avenue in Rustavi.

Nino Gugunishvili

14 November 2016 17:15