Upgraded American BBQ Restaurant Offers Smoking Hot Experience in Tbilisi

The first American barbecue restaurant ‘Big Smokey’ can be found on Beniashvili Street, where previously only traditional Georgian restaurants were located, offering a modern menu and renovated concept.

This news is the result of long preparation and the visit of the chef to the USA in order to learn the necessary exquisite and exceptionally tasty recipes.

The designers worked tirelessly to create an interior where the guests will get authentically American Western vibes and a sense of Clint Eastwood himself. The kitchen has been equipped with American technology not found elsewhere in the South Caucasus- the highlight of which is the “Big Smokey” meat smoking machine for that unique barbecue taste. Meat is smoked within for 8 -16 hours- soft fragrant ribs and succulent fresh vegetables.

"I started working on the idea of opening a restaurant with my American partner in 2012,” says restaurant co-owner Nicholas Kiknadze. “The American side provided training for the staff and the chef. Here, maintained high quality is ensured and every phase of the cooking process is fully controlled so that we comply with the relevant standards. The barbecue sauce and all the necessary food supplies are brought from America.”

The restaurant opened 1 year ago, in October, and is designed for 60 guests. During the work process, it became necessary to review the BBQ concept and present it in a form that would be acceptable to the local Georgian market. That is why the name of the restaurant, the environment and the menu is completely adapted to consumer requirements. Seven kinds of steak have been added to the main BBQ menu, as well as popular dishes demanded by Georgian customers.

In addition, Big Smokey offers live music on weekends and all major football matches are shown on the big screen 12: 00 am to 15:00 pm. There is a special discount for the lunch menu.

The expansion of barbecue restaurant Big Smokey is planned early next year in one of the central districts of the city, where fast-food and delivery services will also be offered.


10 November 2016 19:44