American Radiator Specialty Company’s Top Brands Enter Georgian Market

Georgian AutoCare offers the products of the largest American auto chemicals producing ‘Radiator Specialty Company’ (RSC) to the Georgian market with its major brands: Motor Medic, TiteSeal, Gunk, and Liquid Wrench.

There are more than 100 products available in the RSC catalogue, ranging from automobile surface cleaners and degreasers to engine cleaners, solvents, vehicle maintenance chemicals, fuel system cleaners, leak repair, gas and diesel additives, and protective coating.

The Radiator Specialty Company was founded in 1924 and has 90 years of experience in the manufacturing of auto chemical products.

Today, it manufactures for auto, motorcycle, plumbing, marine, hardware and industrial applications.

The company owns a chemical factory and chemical laboratory specially designed for product quality control.

All of the company products are manufactured in the US and claim to have a premium class, premium quality portfolio, which is the reason why Georgian Company AutoCare decided to become an exclusive partner and distributor for RSC, collaborating with the company’s offices in North Carolina.

AutoCare has been present on the Georgian market for almost a year, distributing RSC products in hypermarkets such as Domino and auto centers throughout Georgia in 200 locations.




Nino Gugunishvili

10 November 2016 19:43