UNM and GD Congratulate Trump on Winning the Election

TBILISI-Political parties United National Movement and Georgian Dream have released statements congratulating the USA’s newly Elected President Donald Trump on his victory in the 2016 presidential elections.

Ruler party Georgian Dream also congratulated the Republican party on their victory.

“Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia congratulates Mr. Trump on being elected as the US president. We also congratulate the Republican Party on winning the US congressional elections.

“Georgian-American relations count more than 25 years of stable strategic partnership. Our relations have been developing under the rule of every government and leadership in different strategic directions. We are confident that under the leadership of President Trump, Georgia and the US will continue the existing cooperation with new energy in order to ensure peace, security, freedom and economic development.

“We reiterate our readiness to work closely with the new administration and Congress in order to deepen our already existing and successful strategic partnership and friendship between our countries,” read the statement of Georgian Dream.

Opposition Party UNM also released a statement in which the party expressed its hopes to remain a strategic partner to the USA.

"It is of crucial importance for the security of our country and the entire region to strengthen strategic relational ties between Georgia and the USA. We hope that the new president and the administration will keep intensive Geo-American ties and Georgia will remain in the US foreign policy agenda,” they said.

By Natia Liparteliani

10 November 2016 13:35