Georgia’s Margvelashvili Congratulates Trump on Becoming US President

TBILISI – President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili congratulated United States (US) presidential candidate Donald Trump on his victory in the elections, held on November 8.

Margvelashvili released a statement of congratulations shortly after the US presidential election results were published. In total the Republicans nominee Trump has received 276 votes of the voters’ panel and another presidential candidate from the Democrats-Hilary Clinton got only 218.

Georgia’s President noted that American people voted for further advancement, success, peace and security to achieve new heights for their county`s prosperous development. 

Moreover, in his letter to Trump, Margvelashvili underlined the importance of the US and its new President for ensuring stability and security worldwide.

“Your mission as the President takes place in the essential period when the entire world and humanity face new challenges, interconnected and growing threats that further impose the highest responsibility to us to protect and maintain universal values as freedom, democracy and peace,” Margvelashvili addressed Trump and expressed hope that through American leadership people would witness a safer, more secure and prosperous world.  

Also, Margvelashvili underlined that Georgia and the USA had historically friendly relations and both nations firmly stand together to protect common welfare and security.

“Georgian soldiers have served shoulder to shoulder with the US forces to maintain stability worldwide. Our unity is essential to promote peaceful future for our states and humanity,” the statement reads.

Margvelashvili expressed gratitude towards the US for supporting and strengthening Georgia’s statehood, democratic development and unwavering stance of Georgia`s sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as supporting Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.  

“I am looking forward to enhance the strategic partnership that our countries have reinforced and considerably advanced in all priority areas of cooperation. I remain confident that with our joint efforts, strong ties as well as long-lasting Georgian-American friendship will further enhance and become ever stronger for the mutual benefit of our nations,” Margvelashvili’s letter reads.

Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.  


By Thea Morrison


09 November 2016 13:14