Wonderland Retold in Paintings Made of Seeds and Stones

On October 28, at Georgian National Museum Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, the opening of the Anniversary Solo exhibition of Tina Bakhtadze took place.

The author of this picturesque compilation is sadly no longer alive and as such the exposition is dedicated to her 100 years anniversary. Bakhtadze was a very interesting and talented female painter and artist of decorative art. The exhibition showcases artworks created by her between 1970-2000.

Tina Bakhtadze developed the unique technology of micro-mosaic and implemented it into her art, creating a variety of works using peach, apricot, cherry, melon and watermelon pips and stones, grains of barley, rice, corn, rye and wheat, pine cones and reed plant branches, seeds and petals of flowers, pebbles and shells, and many other natural materials. Like a goddess of nature, Bakhtadze manages to underline the most impressive parts of the earth, emphasizing its beauty and colors. Beads, turquoise and other materials are also used in several of her works.

This is a magic world that inspires one to stand for hours, gazing and unable to help but feel astonished how endless human fantasy can be. This woman was clearly absorbed by her art- living inside it without ceasing to grasp the marvels of nature and express it with her hands.

The exquisite feminine approach, tender but very vivid colors and rich spectrum of her works, can brush aside all manner of gloomy mood- practical but decorative jars, drinking vessels for wine, vases, decorative plates, as well as religious themes expressed in crosses all takes one’s breath away.

The colors are flamboyant, the forms refined, and the manner of self-expression is very individual.

Giga Batiashvili, experienced and well-known Georgian architect, stated: “This is a real festival for society. I thank the Georgian National Museum as well as the members of Tina Bakhtadze’s family for making this exposition happen. Today we are witnessing a happy marriage of great talent and great love that the author bore inside her.”

Marina Sagharadze, actress, said: “There is a really remarkable atmosphere here tonight, created by great talent and experience. I want to thank Tina Bakhtadze’s daughter and the Museum for arranging such a nice exposition. I am very happy that one of these artworks will stay on the premises of the Georgian National Museum. I advise everyone to come and see.”

Here are landscapes, flowers, people, copies of great painters like Paul Gauguin, and more. It is obvious that the author was fond of animals, nature, flowers, all the living creatures… She was creative and, as the members of her family characterized her, an extremely kind person. What can be better than a combination of great talent and good heart?

Where: Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia. 3, Rustaveli Ave.

When: Until November 5

Ticket: GEL 3-5 for adults, 1 GEL for students, 50 Tetris for children and pensioners

Maka Lomadze

03 November 2016 19:58