INTERVIEW: Nikoloz Metreveli, Georgian National Academy of Sciences

Nikoloz Metreveli, Assistant to the President of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, discusses his outlook for Georgia's political environment.

The first phase of the elections ended. Your predictions?

The first phase was no surprise for me and nor will the second be. We systematically conducted election polls and knew well the dynamics. It was very important to observe the expectations of the voters for the parties and what politicians and parties offered to voters. My prediction is not sensational."Georgian Dream" will take the majority of votes. As for holding and organization of the elections, if we do not take into account incidents like those in Marneuli, the parliamentary elections in 2016 can now be termed as free elections according to European standards. Some may argue with me and point out the use of government resources. Then let them look at the election of any EU country and is very easy to see the massive and general use of these resources. Whether that's good or bad is another topic. In my opinion, the degree of use of the so-called government resources were equable by Georgian Dream. I think it is a plus of the party.

Tel us about the Marneuli incident

It was a well-prepared anti-state provocation with far-reaching results. I think the Prime Minister and the heads of the law enforcement system well understand the essence and the possible outcomes of such provocation. Ignoring this issue was totally unacceptable to society. The participants and organizers should be punished with the utmost rigor of the law. These people have hit out at the Georgian State itself, not on some candidate for deputy, or even a party. I understand that the perpetrators did not fully realize just how dirty the game was they were walking into, but I repeat that all the organizers should be identified. In relation to this fact, false humanism will bring serious harm to our state. The Odessa provocateur was revealed and tomorrow may appear an even more ambitious organization against the state.

What do you say of the prospects of the Georgian Dream?

Georgian Dream gain a major motion of confidence. In this parliament the party will have more technocrats- we hope that these people will offer a better cabinet. The party is facing serious challenges. I would point out four tasks: restoration of territorial unity, revival of the economy, overcoming the demographic crisis and radical reform of the education system.They all individually require enormous effort and competency. In this case, to the party leaders, we ordinary citizens should not be viewed from the side. Where necessary, we have to stand up to them, or point out their errors. These two functions in relation to the party do not relate only to Bidzina Ivanishvili. Today many talk about a virtually guaranteed constitutional majority and constitutional amendments. I want to say to those people who sincerely oppose possible constitutional changes, to remember those orders and what changes have occurred in the Constitution. Unfortunately, our Constitution requires serious changes. A constitutional majority in conditions of democracy is not nonsense. It is important that the Constitutional Commission be made up of competent people, loyal to the State, and not to someone else. This is also a serious challenge for the Georgian Dream. So many important issues face them in the coming months and years. Their future prospects depend on how much and how quickly the party leaders are able to overcome the problem. I want to wish good luck to all the newly elected members of parliament.

28 October 2016 12:02