Fabrika Hosts Acclaimed German Band

On October 7-8, Fabrika, a former sewing factory, premiered the German youth band ‘The Highest Railway’ to the Georgian audience with their new album ‘Who will bring me to others now?’ The show was organized by the German Embassy in Georgia and the organization MitOst.

Before the concert, band members Francesco Wilking and Moritz Kramer held a workshop with the same title as that of the album, referring to the musical meeting between East and West. Within the framework of the workshop, the guests of MitOst Festival and German-speaking Georgian students shared impressions with one another and created texts for new songs about those topics that we, two peoples, share.

The band has had good feedback in the foreign press, with ROLLING STONE writing: “No other German band can so well display the intricate stories of human destiny through tender pop-songs,” while SPIEGEL ONLINE gave them 9 points out of 10.

On October 7, together with the renowned German band, the Georgian band Mebo Ranard also played. “This is a wonderful event to share our different cultures and experiences. Our joint performance is based on improvisation. Music is an international language,” Mebo Nutsubidze said.

“These concerts are held within the framework of the MitOst – the 14th festival of non-formal education,” Tako Dzagania-Baramidze, local organizer of the MitOst festival told GEORGIA TODAY.

The 2016 Tbilisi hosting of the annual contest saw guests from 40 countries coming together under the theme ‘inclusion and diversity.’ It is a huge event, with workshops, seminars, daytime exhibitions and a musical program in the evening.

Band members Felix Weigt, Max Schröder, Moritz Kramer and Francesco Wilking hardly think of anything but music. In their songs they raise questions: “Who will bring me to others now?” “When will it end?” all accumulated together with those real people to whom they dedicate the songs. Here is Luis, who does not understand why his sweetheart never gets tired, also Kete, who wishes to throw everything against the wall, Tim, who is torturing himself without any reason and Lizbeth who blushes like a culprit when she hears the words: “I love you.”

From October 29, ‘The highest Railway’ will start touring in Rostock, Bremen, Munich, Frankfurt, Koln, Hanover, Dresden, Leipzig, Essen, Berlin, Hamburg, and more.

Maka Lomadze

13 October 2016 19:45