Natia Mkheidze’s Sedative Dynamics Expressed in Water-Color

On October 1, Natia Mkheidze’s solo exhibition was opened at Vanda Gallery under the title ‘Landscapes in Watercolor.’

Flowers, boats, reflections on water, roofs of houses in various cities; each picture so brimming with love, warmth and exquisite beauty that one can forget for a time that there is aggression and severity in the world. This is a wonderland.

Does it really matter how innovative, or dare I say it directly, insane and anarchic and thus, “original” the pictures are? Is not it better to just relax and enjoy a moment of “art therapy”? Why should we always protest the ugliness, when we can sometimes glory in the splendor?

Natia Mkheidze seems to have found an island in an otherwise chaotic world. Each and every brush stroke is as tender as love, peace, freedom, with pastel colors that at times pacify and others offer eclecticism, which itself requires a particular taste.

The artist is married to a German doctor and lives in Germany, but has now come to Georgia with her family and given this marvelous gift to her Georgian audience. It is not surprising to learn she comes from an artistic family. “At first, I was afraid of my family and living up to their professional standards. But when they permitted me to carry on, I found courage,” the artist tells us.

Givi Toidze, a renowned painter, took a moment to talk to GEORGIA TODAY at the opening of the exhibition, “Natia’s father, a sculptor, invited me here. It turned out a pleasant surprise first of all because these works are saturated with great love. She lives in Germany and I am happy that she held this exhibition in Georgia. Watercolor in itself is a technique that does not love much suffering. She has a subtle and reserved taste.”

“The debut is always interesting as one of our main aims is to discover talented painters and this process is always connected with the debut,” Vanda Mujiri, organizer, founder of Vanda Gallery told GEORGIA TODAY. “Natia is a self-taught artist. I believe that she needs no diploma- she has very well mastered the technique of watercolor and offers thrilling compositions. I was astonished to discover that she has no academic background… For me personally, watercolor is one of my favorite techniques. It is not so popular now, sadly, but Georgia has very good watercolorists and I think that Natia is among them.”

WHERE: Vanda Gallery, Chonkadze Str. 14

WHEN: Until October 8, noon-7pm


Maka Lomadze

06 October 2016 20:57