Congressman Connolly: We Will Continue to Defend Georgia’s Sovereignty

Georgia and the US are growing ever closer. “Washington is increasingly concerned with the aggressive role of Russia in Ukraine and Georgia. US Congress will aim to deepen and develop bilateral relations for the protection of Georgia’s sovereignty,” claims Gerry Connolly, a Democrat Congressman, who is also a chairman of the Friends of Georgia group in US Congress.

Mr. Connolly also commented on the upcoming Georgian elections: “All democratic governments should facilitate and ensure the security of their citizens’ right to vote. Voter intimidation and violence have no place in a democracy. There should be a tradition of peaceful transfer of power established in Georgia, which represents the fundamental element in distinguishing democratic states from non-democratic ones. I am confident that Georgia will take the right path in de­ve­lopment.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Connolly made a speech at the departure ceremony of Georgian Ambassador in the US, Archil Gegeshidze, held at the Congress Library, in which he thanked Gegeshidze for his service and expressed hope of him continuing to contribute to the ongoing bilateral relations.

Anna Kalandadze, Voice of America’s Georgian Bureau

06 October 2016 20:45