CineClub-CineDoc to Screen ‘The English Teacher’

On Monday 10th October, CineClub, in partnership with the CineDoc Festival, is to screen 'The English Teacher' at Amriani Cinema.

The 2012 drama 'The English Teacher,' directed by Nino Orjonikidze and Vano Arsenishvili and featuring music by the renowned Gia Khancheli, follows South African Bradley Nelson, one of thousands of English teachers invited to Georgia to carry out a "Linguistic revolution" as initiated by the former president. Within the program, Bradley is sent to a small village in Samegrelo where time stands still and signs of the promised revolutionary changes are nowhere to be seen as the villagers there face completely different challenges.

To find out what those challenges are and how the South-African adapts, head along to Amirani next Monday.

The directors will be present at the end of the film to answer any questions or feedback you have.

WHERE: Amirani Cinema, Kostava Street

WHEN: October 10th, 7pm

TICKET: 3 GEL, plus 2 GEL donation to cover costs of invited speakers

04 October 2016 19:33