Fruit Spirits Factory Opens in Agara

A new factory producing fruit spirits has been opened in a town of Agara, Georgia, with an investment of USD 4.5 million.

The new venture was recently founded with the Preferential Agro credit Loan Program, which offers interest rates as low as 1 per cent a year.

Equipped with modern Italian technology, the factory is set to produce fruit spirits and will have the capacity to collect up to 50 tons of non-standard fruits per day.

The new enterprise was noted as a positive example of private entrepreneurial initiative and state support by PM Kvirikashvili, who attended the opening of the factory. "The factory is of great benefit to local job seekers," he highlighted.

The factory is expected to produce goods in accordance with European standards, and intends to export its spirits further afield in the near future.

By Nino Gugunishvili

01 October 2016 21:11