Foreign Journalists Participate in Media-Tour Dedicated to Georgian Wine

A group of wine journalists from Italy, Australia, USA, Portugal and China visited Georgia to participate in a week-long wine media-tour organized by the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

The group was led by wine magister Debra Meiburg who works the National Wine Agency’s contractor company in China- Meiburg Wine Media.

The media representatives visited various wine companies in Kartli and Kakheti to learn about Georgian wine culture, history, Georgian cuisine and folklore, and, of course, to taste Georgian wines.

The journalists plan to write about Georgian wine and culture in order to promote Georgia and make it even more attractive for tourists and foreign wine companies.

According to Meiburg, the aim of their trip is to introduce Georgia and its wine to the Chinese market and to those interested in wine.

“Due to its history, Georgia is very interesting for the Chinese. We need to establish Georgia on the market as a high quality wine country,” she stated.

Another group of visitors also interested in wine came to tour Georgia: the representatives of Swiss company, Mettler Vaterlaus GmbH. The company issues a famous magazine about wine ‘Vinum’ in German, Spanish and French. After the visit the journalists will prepare articles about Georgia and publish them in the magazine.

According to the editor-in-chief of Vinum, Thomas Vaterlaus, his group came to Georgia to find out about the wine-making process and investigate old and new methods of wine production. He noted the many grape species in Georgia, all of which have specific tastes.

“The wines produced in Georgia are of very high quality. Each wine has individual features which are very rare,” Vaterlaus said.

Thea Morrison

29 September 2016 19:42