Katie Melua Releases New Music Video

On the 27th of September Georgian-British, Singer Katie Melua released the music video for her single ‘Dreams On Fire’, from her 7th album ‘In Winter’, which was recorded in Melua’s native Georgia.   The single Features Gori Women's Choir, a native Georgian all-woman singing troupe.

Gori is the small town in eastern Georgia that was occupied by the Russian army in 2008 during the Georgian-Russian war.  Melua picked this post-apocalyptic location in order to add a unique sound of traditional polyphonic Georgian folk to her album.

The album itself will be released on October, 14th, 2016. In an interview with the Guardian Katie talks about the working process of her recent album:

‘I’d come to a point in my life where I felt I had to make certain decisions about my career. I turned 30, I got married but really it was hearing the Gori Women’s Choir. I mean, I think I have an OK voice. But compared to these women … it’s like I’ve spent the last six months learning to sing again.”

29 September 2016 11:40