Georgian Pies

Georgian pies (khachapuri)- many and ubiquitous, almost every street corner tempts you with the smell of the hot cheesy deliciousness of them. Perhaps you’ll be here long enough to try one of each?


Specialty of the coast! Boat-shaped dough with Sulguni cheese and a soft-boiled egg thrown on with a slab of butter before serving- one for the restaurant, not the street!


The most common khachapuri- usually round, filled with stretchy Sulguni cheese and of various thicknesses. Best eaten hot!


A double cheesy bonus- Sulguni on the inside and more melted to a golden crust on top.


Dough filled with mashed red kidney beans and herbs. Delicious hot or cold.


Thin dough filled with Sulguni cheese and mashed potatoes, a specialty of Ossetia.
Best eaten hot!


Hailing from the heights of Svaneti, this spicy meat pie is a must for chilly days!

Hortsiani Ghvezeli 

Dough filled with mixed minced meat and herbs- good hot and cold.

Tarhuna Ghvezeli

Dough filled with rice and tarragon. A lighter choice for hot summer days.

Katie Ruth Davies

19 September 2016 18:20