Georgian Artist Featured at London’s Start Art Fair

From September 15-18, London’s Saatchi Gallery (UK) is exhibiting the solo project of Georgian artist Beso Uznadze, featuring his new photo series inspired by the aesthetic dimension of flowers and nature, as part of the Start Art Fair.

Among the many art fairs held in Europe, Start Art presents an alternative concept, offering a focus on emerging indie artists and galleries from around the world.

“Ideally, we want each visitor to go away with interests in artists and gallerists they haven't come across before,” said Niru Ratnam, the director of the Start Art Fair in an interview with FAD magazine. “In terms of the setting, I wanted to move away from the trade show type venues that most art fairs go for and do something in the type of place that you'd normally visit for an exhibition – hence the Saatchi Gallery is our base.”

Said to be a platform that brings new artistic talents into the spotlight, the Fair this year is sure to bring greater popularity to both Uznadze and the Georgian art scene.

Uznadze usually works on photo reports and photo series featuring ordinary feelings such as love, separation, death, and fear, telling us stories of the people we meet every day. Through his individual techniques, his works are said to balance on the verge between sculpture and painting.

Innovative Georgian start-up Project ArtBeat, currently introducing Uznadze to the international scene, aims at giving an opportunity for Georgian and Caucasian artists to be noticed worldwide and also to introduce modern contemporary art locally to the places and communities that have limited access to information on the contemporary arts scene. The declared long-term goal of the ArtBeat platform is to become the regional center for the Arts.

Nino Gugunishvili

15 September 2016 18:31