3rd Life of Wine Barrels- Italian Expo in Tsinandali

An exposition has opened dedicated to the 230th anniversary of Alexander Chavchavadze, a famous Georgian romantic poet who, besides his poetry, was famous for literary reunions, as well as his noble vineyards.

The Third Life of Wine Barrels exposition, held at Chavchavadze’s House-Museum in Tsinandali, Kakheti region, and due to last until the end of September, displays items made from recycled wine barrels. They are crafted by drug-addicts from the San-Patriniano Rehabilitation Center, created according to the sketches of outstanding architects and designers. The Center has existed since 1978 and over the years, self-supporting, has given shelter to around 25,000 youth, providing them with medical and legal help, and, more importantly, given them a chance to study new skills.

The exposition was a big success at the Milan Furniture Exhibition as well as in the USA. Wood turned into wine barrel, wine barrel into a designer item: this project means more than the recycling of wine barrels as crafts are turned into design in a unity of creativity and ecology.

“The project ‘Third Life of Wine Barrels’ is a example of creating beautiful pieces of art, even more important because it bears social significance, too, being made by drug-addicts,” said Stefano Crescenzi, Deputy Ambassador of Italy to Georgia, at the opening ceremony. “This project has changed their lives. There could be found no better place for showing this transformation but here, in Tsinandali, where for so many years, grapes have been turned into wine.”

The exposition is supported by the Embassy of Italy to Georgia, with the partnership of the Silk Road Group in the framework of the Wine and Arts Festival.

From Kakheti, the exhibition will move to the Tbilisi Radisson Blu Iveria exhibition space until October 31.

Maka Lomadze

08 September 2016 19:26