New Restaurant Keti’s Bistro Opens on Chovelidze Street

Keti Bakradze, who represents the new generation of Georgian chefs, founder and owner of the ‘The Dining Room’ in Vake, has recently opened her second restaurant ‘Keti’s Bistro’ offering guests a delicious variety of food.

Also host of a new and popular TV show ‘Keti’s Culinary Adventures’ (channel Rustavi 2), Keti is ambitious enough to fearlessly experiment with different flavors and tastes, adding something unique and slightly different to almost any recipe. Her culinary preferences range from traditionally Georgian to European. She says she tries not to follow the rules while cooking and never makes any dish exactly the same.

Back in 2008 she opened her first restaurant The Dining Room, having in mind a concept of a cozy ambiance; a place that would make you feel as if you had been there before. This no doubt explains its current popularity among locals and tourists alike.

As a former co-owner of Atelier 10’ managing a show room of some of Georgia’s most famous fashion designers, Keti was afforded great travel opportunities, finding inspiration in the countries and cultures she visited.

This time, in Keti’s Bistro, the chef decided to do something different from her Dining Room and according to the reviews, she has succeeded so far.

Keti often cooperates closely with the Georgian Culinary Academy, which she considers a very important institution in that it gives a chance for young Georgian chefs to develop to such a level that they find themselves in high demand both within the country and abroad.

According to Keti, the evolution of customer and client is visible nowadays. The attitude has changed a lot. A person deciding to dine out is much savvier and willing to take a risk; and eager to follow Keti into any adventure she creates, which she does with both passion and gusto.

Nino Gugunishvili  

05 September 2016 19:01