Europa Donna Georgia Addresses Government for Support

The campaign against breast cancer is ongoing in Georgia. From 2016 the State is providing countrywide financing of pharmaceuticals for patients with first, second and third stage cancer, for which GEL 9 million has been allocated. Despite this, issues related to the treatment of patients with metastatic cancer still remain unresolved. Therefore, Europa Donna Georgia has addressed the Ministry of Healthcare and Tbilisi City Hall to provide assistance and finance the medical treatment of such patients.

Europa Donna Georgia organized a press conference at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel to inform and once again remind the public about the campaign that promotes effective targeted therapeutic treatment of breast cancer and improvement of its accessibility.

The press conference was attended by Marina Darakhvelidze, Head of the Healthcare Department of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia; Gela Chiviashvili, Head of the City Office of Health and Social Service of Tbilisi City Hall; Giorgi Alibegashvili, Chairman of Tbilisi City Council; Ana Mazniashvili, President of Europa Donna Georgia; as well as oncologists, specialists working in the field, patients, campaign supporters and others.

“We would very much like the State to finance medical treatment of patients with metastatic and fourth stage cancer because these are the people most in need of such assistance,” said Ana Mazniashvili.

Mammologist Giorgi Dzagnidze talked about the necessity of providing expensive medication and therapeutic treatment to patients with terminal cancer. He believes that the treatment course will improve the condition of terminal cancer patients by 25 percent: “If the life expectancy of terminal cancer patients is six months, treatment may increase it even up to 20 years.”

The Ministry of Healthcare stated that together with Tbilisi City Hall it already finances such patients on an individual basis. “We already have the possibility to study the situation of each patient individually. Namely, we finance them through a referral program. The State is also supporting them in this case. At the same time I believe that the future belongs to preventive medicine,” said Marina Darakhvelidze.

In 2015, Europa Donna Georgia started an information dissemination campaign called “Targeting for Life” which exactly reflected this goal. The main focus was made on provision of expensive drugs which are effective but less accessible for patients. A petition was drafted in which the signatories asked the State to increase accessibility to biological pharmaceuticals, especially for breast cancer patients within the healthcare program.

Later, Tbilisi City Council, City Hall, and corresponding departments of the Ministry of Healthcare made an extremely important decision and financed the medical treatment of 320 patients with first, second and third stages of breast cancer.

“New findings and innovations over the past 50 years significantly increased our knowledge about breast cancer,” said Mazniashvili. “Important progress has been achieved in diagnostics, screening, surgery, radio therapy, chemotherapy, and combined and targeted therapy. During targeted therapy the drug is directed immediately to the cancer cells and inhibits the main processes which lead to cancer development and growth. This is why the therapy was called “Targeted Therapy”. Since targeted therapy is specifically aimed at cancer cells, it is very effective, less damaging for normal cells and has fewer side effects compared to the standard chemotherapy. Thanks to the assistance provided by the State, the quality of life of 320 patients has improved significantly. The life of these women has become less stressful, too, which makes the treatment more effective. Now the time has come to think about patients with metastatic cancer and start looking for solutions to ensure their timely treatment. The goal of the second phase of our campaign is still that of saving lives. Unfortunately, in Georgia, targeted therapy is inaccessible for the majority of patients.”

Within the framework of the campaign “Targeting for Life,” Radisson Blu Iveria came up with a new initiative for assisting breast cancer patients and began a campaign “BluforPink” in which any company and person can participate. Every year in Georgia more than 1,500 new cases of breast cancer are identified and more than 900 women die from this disease. If diagnosed on time, breast cancer can be cured. The goal of the campaign is to find the funds necessary for preserving the lives of those women who cannot afford medical treatment. All gathered funds will be fully transferred to the charity foundation Europa Donna Georgia in order to fight breast cancer.”

The charity campaign rules are as follows:

1) Take a photo – with you in a blue T-shirt / details / make up

2) Upload it to Facebook or Instagram with hashtug - #BluForPink

3) Invite three of your friends or a partner company

4) Transfer money – cell phone: 0 901 700 002

Bank of Georgia: GE 82 BG 0000 0001 6254 9800

TBC Bank: GE 42 TB 7168536020100002

Europa Donna Georgia is an organization which periodically carries out charity activities. They are “Patients for Patients”. Their main goal is life, while for oncology patients life is a chance given as a result of targeted and proper medical treatment. During the past years the organization has implemented a number of projects helping many women. Active participation of the Georgian population, private sector and society in this charity activity is important because this way we can jointly fight against and overcome a very dangerous disease - breast cancer.

04 August 2016 21:36