The First Impressions of Green Budapest Residents

Construction company MAQRO Construction has begun the process of handing over apartments in the 11,700 sq. meter Green Budapest residential complex to their new owners in preparation for the final handover in September.

The European standard apartments are fully renovated, complete with bathrooms and kitchen furniture and stand in buildings constructed using ecologically clean materials.

The first phase of checking flats began in May within the framework of which the residents visited and assessed their apartments, clearly expressing their satisfaction in how MAQRO Construction had fulfilled its obligations.

“What I saw was far more than I expected. I’m very satisfied with the implemented works and I would like to thank each member of the company,” resident Nino Bendeliani said.

“I’m very grateful to your company for such high-quality construction. I’m very satisfied with all personnel for their warm and attentive attitude. You have really qualified staff. I’d like to thank you again and wish you every success for the future of this project,” resident Maia Kelbakiani said.

The second phase of Green Budapest will begin in August. Company representatives say the residents will be allowed to bring furniture into their flats and choose the design to their own taste, while in September, they will be able to move into the complex and start living there.

“I joined the Customer Service Department several months ago from the sales team,” Green Budapest Customer Service Manager, Giorgi Zghenti, told us. “I’m happy to hear the consumers’ assessments. MAQRO Construction’s aim is for each of the consumers to be satisfied with the quality of the apartments and to see our pledge fulfilled. We can say we have achieved this goal.”

As well as apartments of European standard renovation, Green Budapest offers high-profile infrastructure, a green zone, basketball area, external and internal fitness, childcare center and parking lots to its consumers.

MAQRO Construction continues conducting distinguished projects and making its consumers happy, meeting their expectations for over and over again.


28 July 2016 20:52