New Magazine about Anaklia Project Launched in Georgia

The Anaklia Port and Free Industrial Zone is launching its own personal communication means with the public from July 18. Anaklia Magazine will be published every two months, to cover the stages of Anaklia project development, the stories of local residents, culture, and changes in the city. The magazine will be distributed free of charge.

Mamuka Khazaradze, the Co-founder of Anaklia Development Consortium, said that despite the fact that Anaklia is developing in a potentially important economic location, the success of the country depends on not only a single point. “Aside from information about the Port and Industrial Zone, we will provide our citizens and business sector with all the information about what is happening in other regions of Georgia,” he said.

The creators of the magazine noted that over the years, Georgia has neglected it maritime potential, while the Port’s construction in Anaklia will be able to open new economic benefits. “Moreover, Anaklia has always been considered as a key in its bordering of Abkhazia, and we created a separate section in the magazine where we will talk about the relations between the two and even involve Abkhazian authors in our project,” said Merab Adeishvili, Publisher of Anaklia Magazine.

That said, despite the economic potential of the city, the main focus of the magazine is made on its inhabitants. “Because everything being built and developed there is done for local residents,” Khazaradze said.

The magazine has many stories of local people, the heroes of the seaside town, farmers, beginner entrepreneurs and children. It gives an opportunity to see how the lives of local residents change in parallel with the construction of the Free Industrial Zone and Anaklia Port, which is called the Project of the Century.

Eka Karsaulidze

21 July 2016 21:19