Liberty Theater Marks 15th Anniversary

Tbilisi has a plethora of theaters, good taste and a rich artistic school. However, without exaggeration, Liberty Theater is among the best. Its building takes the form of a ship, as if the Troupe within has been lucky enough to escape the cruelty of the rest of the world to dwell in that most wonderful and peaceful island called theatrical art. Saturated with solar energy, as here the main form of relation is love and respect, adorned with a cluster of talented young actors, and headed by a very original director who is open to novelties (but never ever using modern technologies), the theater truly justifies its name.

“This day means everything as we have been able to exist for 15 years without any help,” Avto Varsimashvili, main director of the theater, told GEORGIA TODAY. “Just the contrary, all the governments fought us, but we stuck to the principles of our theatrical life and went on staging performances. Our greatest achievement throughout these years is our audience. I am proud of 15 years of non-stop sell-outs!”

“This is a very important date, as during 15 years, this theater has made its name and found its niche in the rich Georgian theatrical palette,” Jaba Kiladze, one of the Liberty Theater’s leading actors, noted. “I’m happy that I’ve been with this theater from day one. From season to season, the theater has evolved and its members increased. A lot of actors and actresses became very famous through us. I’m sure a lot of generations will step on its stage in future, too!”

No official speeches were made at the anniversary event, nor were any officials invited. Here, everybody was united without hypocrisy or pose. The main surprises of the opening ceremony, which was as original as the performances themselves, were the openings of new statues of Niko Gomelauri, deceased leading actor of the Troupe, and Slava Natenadze from the most popular performance ‘Comedians,’ just in front of the theater building. Another statue was unveiled from the performance ‘Waltz before Going to Bed’ in which only actresses participate, showing a remarkable reincarnation from a young age into old women.

At the end of the anniversary, there was a short screening to commemorate all the important performances, many of which are no longer in the repertoire due to the death of Niko Gomelauri. Avto Varsimashvili thanked all the staff, from those manning the box office to the actors and directors who have worked in the theater. We look forward to the new season after the summer.

Maka Lomadze

07 July 2016 20:23