Abstract Fabric Paintings, Net Sculptures Star at Tbilisi Art Exhibit

Tbilisi’s Rooms Hotel Gallery played host to an exhibition that featured an entirely new art form for Georgia thanks to conceptual sculptor Kakhi Eradze and painter Keti Davlianidze. 

Walking through the space’s entrance, visitors were greeted with a series of wall paintings and stylized figures made to look like a pregnant woman, a human face, a dog, a female body, as well as animal motifs, an old man swaying on a rocking chair and a surrealistic female figure hanging from an umbrella.

These works belong to painterKakhi Eradze, who previously used to work in ceramics, but then turned to shaping netting as a new medium. “One day, I thought that a net can tell a lot about itself. Painters have their way of designing. My works are totally based on my imagination. This material gives me independence as I no longer need a mold like you do when working with ceramics,” Eradze told GEORGIA TODAY. 

Also on display at the gallery were the works of Davlianidze, who said she immediately wanted to include Eradze when she was organizing the exhibition.

“I believe that our works compliment each other in a technical and emotional sense, as we both have figurative elements. I like Kakhi’s sculptures because of their symbolism, which replaces concrete forms as if they’re telling human stories,” said Davlianidze in an interview with GEORGIA TODAY.

Davlianidze said that she had decided to focus on fabric paintings due to the ease of mobility. ”Taking them abroad is easy. Using textiles gives us the luxury of moving them from place to place. Following this exposition, these paintings will travel to Italy.”

Both artists earned praise from art experts, who highlighted Eradze’s dramatic sense of mystery that permeate his works and Davlianidze’s eye-catching figurative elements. 

By Maka Lomadze

26 June 2016 18:01