Tbilisi's CineClub to Show Stalin-Related Film

CineClub, organized by Nonna Sagaan Gubler, Tobi Walsh and CineDOC-Tbilisi, is to host an English-subtitled Georgian feature film at the monthly showing in Amirani cinema next Tuesday, which sees audience members of all ages and nationalities coming together to get a taste of Georgian culture and cinema heritage.

Directed by Shalva Shengeli and lasting just under an hour, this month's film 'The Ruler' explores the kind of ideological issues typical for modern Georgia through the story of a conflict played out in a small Georgian village.

The conflict? Should the monument of Stalin be left in the yard of the nunnery. This is the question tearing the village apart- strange, funny and sad as it is.

A nunnery on the one side, and the monument of a Soviet leader, who opposed religion at all costs, on the other. Some of the villagers favor the nunnery, younger people are more ambivalent than anything else, and others fight tooth and nail for the monument, which has been saved by the village numerous times through the years.

The Film Will BE shown in  cooperation with CineDOC-Tbilisi, following on from the CineDOC REGIONAL Its Screening in competition. CineDOC-Tbilisi  Selects the best creative documentaries from Georgia, often directed by award-Winning filmmakers.

WHERE: Amirani Cinema, Kostava Str.

WHEN: June 28, 19:00

PRICE: Tickets are available on the day at Amirani cinema- 5 GEL (3 ticket +2 GEL donation).

Katie Ruth Davies

23 June 2016 22:55