Marvel Artist's Exhibition On at Art Palace

Thursday 23 June sees the opening of an art exhibition of world-renowned American author and artist for Marvel’s Daredevil, Alias: Jessica Jones, and Kabuki- David Mack, at the Art Palace in Tbilisi.

The exhibition showcases Mack’s career in comics and graphic novels. The artist will exhibit interior sequential art for Daredevil and Kabuki, as well as covers for Alias: Jessica Jones and Fight Club 2.

Mack, known for his unique painted and collage-like work, began publishing Kabuki in 1994 with Caliber Press, and later moved the series to Image Comics. It is now released through Marvel Comics' Icon Comics.

He completed the first book, Kabuki: Circle of Blood, while still in college. Mack has also worked on other Marvel Comics publications, including Alias, New Avengers, and White Tiger.

He also created the promo for the movie Mission Impossible 4 and works for MTV, as well as creating animations and characters for various gaming companies.

Mack is exhibiting his cover painting for Fight Club 2, personal works and portraits of popular people. Among them are pictures of Prince and David Bowie.

 Bowie by Mack

The exhibition will be open until June 30th at the Georgian State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography (Art Palace).

Address: 6 Kargareteli Str., Tbilisi


By Tatia Megeneishvili


Photos provided by the Art Palace

23 June 2016 16:32