People Choose The Most Ecologically Clean Areas To Live In

Everyone knows that buying real estate is one of the best ways to invest and the Georgian real estate market has significantly improved and increased since the financial crisis of 2008- with new participants appearing regularly in the market with new offers and flexible terms of payment. Such offer have resulted in an increase in the number of consumers with new demands, tastes, behavior tendencies and preferences in relation to purchasing real estate.

According to an ACT survey conducted for Marketer magazine, most consumers choose apartments according to location and whether it is placed in an ecologically clean environment and near to offices, schools or trade centers.

The study revealed that Saburtalo is the most desired location in which people seek to buy apartments (30% of those surveyed); followed by Didube-Dighomi – 17%; Tbilisi suburbs – 13%, Nadzaladevi – 11%; Vake-Bagebi – 9%, with the remaining respondents choosing other parts of the capital city. It is interesting to note that while Vake was once considered the most prestigious district to live in, it now has fewer votes than Dighomi.

As ACT Business Study Analytical Expert, Tinatin Basilashvili, points out, the most prestigious parts of the city have become less popular and people now show preference for parts where there is less noise, traffic and pollution.

According to Mr. Oguz Kaan Karaer, MAQRO Construction’s Chief of Project Development PR, Sales & Marketing Officer, when choosing a place for the construction of a new residential complex, the priority was ecology, greenery and fresh air. In the city centre there is a problem of urbanization, meaning there is not enough space to construct a residential complex with such a diverse infrastructure as that offered in Green Diamond by MAQRO Construction. “We are proud that MAQRO Construction sold 50% of the units within just one week. Choosing Dighomi as one of the most ecologically clean areas in Tbilisi was one of the main reasons for our success!” said Karaer.

Another new residential complex will be added to Dighomi in the near future- MAQRO Construction Company Green Diamond project. The construction period includes three stages, the first of which consists of 731 apartments, construction will be finished in May, 2018. Shortly after the project was launched, half of the units were sold - within a week.

The unique residential complex Green Diamond is special due to its practical location in Tbilisi’s ecologically clean Dighomi, only 8 miles from the city center. According to the company representatives, the residents will be far from the chaotic city thanks to the complex’s green plants and fresh air.

Sport arenas of the Olympic complex ‘New Tbilisi’, trade center Tbilisi Mall, hospitals, hypermarkets and other important objects are all nearby. The US Embassy close by adds to the security aspect of Green Diamond. A Technological University is set to be built next to the residential complex Green Diamond as a mega project, unique in Eastern Europe. On the 70.000 m2 area of the residential complex will be a 23.143 m2 green territory and 23 living blocks with 1772 units offering a unique, brand-new and affordable life in Tbilisi. You will be able to satisfy all your needs in the three swimming pools, four basketball areas, four outdoor fitness areas, four children’s playgrounds, seven pergolas, indoor sport facilities, walking and running tracks, commercial areas, social terraces, kindergarten and school.

MAQRO Construction has successfully completed several investment projects: residential complex Green Budapest, 4-star Mercury Tbilisi Old Town Hotel, furniture shop network Belissa and five-star restaurant Dinehall on Rustaveli Avenue.

The company also plans to construct the IBIS Styles hotel, included in the Accor group. MAQRO Construction owns a 20 000 sq. m. land plot on Airport Highway and is planning to construct an immense family and decorative items trade center.

Katie Ruth Davies

16 June 2016 18:34