Exclusive Residential Development in Krtsanisi

CW | VB is one of the global Real Estate consultancy firms that has been operating on the Georgian market for four years, providing its services to the largest business companies operating in Georgia. CW | VB in Georgia has worked on projects like Tbilisi Mall, Merani Mall and for companies like Axis Towers, M2, Silk Road Group properties, TBC Bank properties, and others.

In April 2016, Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown and Urban Development reached an agreement and signed a long-term exclusive brokerage mandate for the upcoming Krtsanisi Residence development project spread over 26,000 square meters in the Krtsanisi Residential Area. The address was especially selected for its incomparable combination of geographical location and climate zones. The development comprises a limited number of exquisitely designed community areas that incorporates Town Houses, Lofts and Villas with magnificent modern exteriors. The project delivery is scheduled for May 2017.

GEORGIA TODAY met Nina Kipiani, Country Director at Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown (CW|VB), to discuss the upcoming Krtsanisi Residence development project.

Tell us about the Krtsanisi Residence development project

We are delighted to be bringing our in-depth local and international expertise and market knowledge to this exciting residential project in the city. Considering the interest and growing demand to live in an ecologically healthy environment in close proximity to the center, we consider the Krtsanisi Residence development to be one of the most attractive projects in the city.

As well as capturing the premium, ecologically friendly, secured and private environment, the development is just a three-minute drive from the Old Town. The Krtsanisi Residence is surrounded by diplomatic corps that additionally guarantee a high level of safety, security and privacy to the residents (Embassies of Switzerland, Japan, France, UK and Germany surround the site).

Decades ago the location was specially designated for high-level political leaders.

Why should one choose the Krtsanisi Residence?

Housing density and living conditions differ greatly between Tbilisi districts. The Krtsanisi district benefits in its limited density when compered with other districts in Tbilisi. The demand on that area has been quite high from foreigners living in Tbilisi as they value the importance of its microclimate, privacy and secure atmosphere. Lately, it has also gained popularity among local citizens.

Apart from the above conveniences and benefits, owning a residence in the Krtsanisi area proves to be highly valuable. Considering the high level of demand for rented apartments, investors are looking at it as an investment opportunity.

The development comprises a limited number of exquisitely designed community areas. Further, technologically it is above expectation in every detail and meets all the international standards, a fact guaranteed by the international and local companies contracted for this development.

Moreover, Urban Development is one among few companies that care about the environment and develop eco-friendly, resource-efficient residences. The company is oriented on minimizing the impact developments have on the environment. Sustainable or "green" developments use land more responsibly, offer improved indoor air quality, consume less energy and water, and incorporate renewable or recycled materials.

What services will the Krtsanisi Residence offer its residents?

Life in the Krtsanisi Residence will offer a truly exceptional residential and ownership experience. The residents will benefit from attentive and discreet staff that are keenly aware of their unique preferences and will perfectly anticipate their everyday needs. Residents will enjoy the services of a concierge, security 24/7, handyman, gardener and cleaning service. Project amenities will feature a meeting room, gym and outdoor fitness equipment, sauna, parking, outdoor playground, and more.

CW | VB will provide a rental service for apartments on request. As I mentioned before, interest for the Krtsanisi area is very high and even though the completion of the project is one year away, we already have families interested in renting property there.

We believe that exclusive service belongs to an exclusive home. Your home becomes an extension of your own highly refined world, and knowing that it is professionally managed gives you comfort and keeps you relaxed.

For more information, visit: www.veritasbrown.com

Katie Ruth Davies

06 June 2016 19:07