Hundreds Rally in Central Tbilisi Demanding Marijuana Decriminalization [PHOTO]

TBILISI – Hundreds of people on Thursday gathered in front of a government administration building to protest the country's strict drug laws and demanded the decriminalization of marijuana.

The annual protests have been held since 2013. Georgian students, politicians, journalists and various NGOs usually make up the bulk of those attending the rallies.

In addition to demanding changes to existing legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana, the protestors demand changes to t the criminal code for those found guilty of drug possession and those convicted of selling or dealing illegal substances.

The rallies were originally sparked by the 2013 arrest of Beka Tsikarishvili, a member of a local NGO, who was arrested for the possession of 65 grams of marijuana and faced up to 14 years in prison.

Tsikarishvili was released from Tbilisi’s Gldani Prison after 18 days and once he paid a 10,000 GEL ($5,600 USD) bail.

Poster says: More Freedom

Photo says 'Don't Arrest'.

Photos:Georgia Today/Giorgi Pridonishvili

03 June 2016 14:34