Spanish Jamon to Go Georgian?

A delegation of Deraza Iberico Company visited Georgia to study varieties of Georgian pig and to make a potential investment in the local meat industry. A meeting was arranged with representatives of Georgia’s state Partnership Fund and a concrete proposal was made on May 5.

The Deraza Iberico owns an Iberico breed pig farm in Spain and is one of the largest meat producing companies there. The Partnership Fund stated that the Spanish company is interested in Georgia’s Kakheti pork varieties and is considering its commercialization in the international market.

The company’s representatives visited the Partnership Fund with specific investment proposals and will tour the regions, meet farmers and purchase a variety of well-known Georgian pigs for scientific purposes.

The interest of Deraza Iberico in the Georgian market is the result of the Partnership Fund’s business trip to Spain on April 13-18 in the framework of which representatives of the Partnership Fund visited the company and saw the manufacturing process.


Eka Karsaulidze

09 May 2016 15:33