Tbilisi City Hall Willing to Reduce Tbilisi Construction Chaos

Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania has announced that Tbilisi City Hall intends to implement regulations prior to the completion of the city’s urbanization Master Plan. The Mayor focused on construction regulation in a number of city districts and the introduction of common standards for roofs and the greening of those roofs.

Narmania noted that the lack of regulations has for a long time been leading to the fact that some parts of the city now appear chaotically constructed. This, he says, mostly concerns the historical area of the city and densely populated zones, including some parts of Saburtalo, Vake, Didube, Isani and Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi districts. The head of City Hall said new regulations would help Tbilisi to retain its unique character and reduce the chaotic building projects in the growing city.

The Mayor said that Tbilisi City Hall would initially impose temporary construction restrictions to regulate the height and size of residential buildings in central Tbilisi. However, most likely, after the city’s urbanization Master Plan is ready and enters into force, the regulation will be made permanent. According to Narmania, the regulations would affect both construction companies and private property owners wanting to remodel or update their homes.

The regulations also foresee imposing restrictions on construction in the city’s ‘green areas,’ (near public squares and gardens). Moreover, Narmania said that common standards for roofs will be introduced, as well as an initiative to create ‘green roofs’ in order to give the city a more eco-friendly and favorable appearance.

The Mayor said City Hall had already developed the mentioned regulations and has sent the relevant documentation to the Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo). He added that all details will be officially made known to the public shortly.

Eka Karsaulidze

09 May 2016 15:29