International Women’s Association to Celebrate 20 Years in Georgia

On 16 April 2016 the function suite of the elegant Funicular will play host to a charity gala celebrating 20 years of the International Women’s Association (IWA) in Georgia.

The IWA Georgia was started in 1996 by a group of expatriates and Georgian women living in Tbilisi. The first aim of the IWA is to help expats living in Georgia, introduce them to Georgian culture, and establish bridges and good friendship among different cultures. In doing so, as an organization, the IWA aims to contribute to Georgian society by developing and supporting social assistance projects.

The ‘Black Tie’ Gala on April 16th, which will feature live entertainment, including performances from a number of talented IWA members and the exceptional IWA choir, is set to benefit the NGO ‘Child, Family, Society’ for disabled children under 6 years of age.

“Our CPC (Community Projects Committee) carefully determined, with the IWA as a whole, to support a special program run by an NGO called ‘Child, Family, Society,’" Simay Gumrukcu, Vice President and Head of the IWA Fundraising Committee, told GEORGIA TODAY. “All proceeds from this Gala will be donated to this program.”

‘Child, Family, Society’ is a union of parents of children with disabilities which protects the rights of the children and their families. It was founded in 1998 by Mari Biblieishvili and her sister Gulnara. In the frame of the USAID program ‘Reading for a Better Future,’ the NGO ‘Child, Family, Society’ established a pilot-project of an early intervention center in Marneuli for pre-school children with hearing and visual disorders.

The municipality of Marneuli and the kindergarten administration provided a space in the building of the kindergarten free of charge. Renovation of the space, the furniture and also training and developing methodology for specialists (psychologists, gesticulation teachers, speech therapist, occupational and intervention therapist), was provided by USAID. There are seven groups of children in the kindergarten in Marneuli, including disabled children (around 200 children in total).

Proceeds from IWA’s 20th anniversary Gala will help by providing special literature and toys for children with hearing and visual problems, as well as outdoor playground facilities. The concept is that, by playing together with kindergarten children, disabled children can better prepare themselves to integrate in future schools.

In all its projects, the IWA supports women, children and the elderly who are at risk due to poverty, poor health and other disabilities.

Speaking of the up-coming Gala, Ms Gumrukcu said, “As in all IWA activities, we would like this event to benefit the community while also giving us another chance to enjoy each other's company.”

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For further information about the Gala or to purchase tickets, please contact IWA Event Manager Feyza Yozgat on 514710007

or Svetlana Henderson 577440755

Katie Ruth Davies

04 April 2016 16:49