Pro-Privacy Social Network Topishare in Tbilisi Offers Free Organic Reach

The monkeys jump from tree to tree, a snake enjoy a bath in the communal pool, and an iguana checks out their every move. At the same time, Rotem, Hila, and Yair are working hard on their laptops setting up the new pro-privacy social network, Topishare, where organic reach isn’t limited by algorithm.

This was two years ago and based in the deep jungles of Costa Rica, where the trio had initially moved to escape the fast-paced tech world– in vain, it turned out. Now, the international entrepreneurs are based in Tbilisi, and launched the beta version of the platform on March 3rd.

The idea for Topishare grew out of frustration with the current social networks.

“Years ago I ran an online jewelry store. Although people seemed to love the pieces, it was hard for them to find me. It was then that I realized that only 2% of the people who Like your page on Facebook see what you post,” says Rotem Peled, Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

And not only that, the paid advertisements on Facebook may give you ‘Likes’, but zero engagement because they are often fake.

“With ‘Like’-farms in the Philippines to fake profiles from Cameroon, you spend money on getting your business out there, but instead get fake profiles Liking your page,” Rotem explains.

And the inability to share by topic, as you do on a forum, was missing as well: everything gets lost in the cluttered newsfeed. Although forums such as Reddit are great, the personal connection, as with social networks, is lost.

Other concerns Rotem has with social networks is that they collect and sell your personal information, and things you post, to advertisers; and that just didn’t feel right.

That is why at Topishare you can share whatever you like, with whom you like, the way you like it.

“I thought to myself, what if there was a world where social media was more about connecting with people who share your interests, and less about how many ‘Likes’ you can get. And where you are the one in control of your privacy and content, and not some faceless company in Silicon Valley that sells your data to the highest bidder,” Rotem says, explaining the idea behind Topishare.

Topishare is a place where individual users, businesses, and the Topishare team are all equal.

For the individual user, Topishare’s mission is to declutter newsfeeds by enabling the user to share content with like-minded people in Social Kingdoms. The team do not collect or sell your data, as for advertising purposes this is not necessary: advertisements are topic-based and as a result target the right audience. And Topishare wants the user to be able to profit from their content – instead of the social networks – meaning users can earn with quality-content posts, or by deciding from the pool of advertisers which advertisement goes where.

For businesses, it is similar. They can create their own Kingdoms where they can advertise for free, having a direct conversation with the target audience.

“Within Topishare's viral landscape, even non-registered users can reach and engage with a business’ Social Kingdom - they can Like, comment, and more,” Rotem says. “It’s the perfect advertising strategy.”

And if the business wants, it can advertise for-pay in other Kingdoms, which individual users place under the appropriate topics.

Social network Topishare has only just been launched but the amount of users is growing by the day.

Rotem hopes to become a solid alternative to the giants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others: “We want Topishare to be a social topical kingdom for people worldwide who just want to have a conversation or a discussion, or share something about themselves, without all the added baggage that comes with most social networks.”

And who doesn’t want to do that, while being able to profit from it themselves?

You can register on or contact with any questions.

Inge Snip

04 April 2016 16:48