Wooden Educational Eco Toys to Be Exported to Europe

Georgian company Geo Toys plans to increase production of its wooden educational eco toys for children and export them to the neighboring and southern European countries.

Director of the company, Davit Katsitadze, stated that USD 200,000 will be invested in production and while the company is mostly focused on the local market at present, they have already started working on the relevant certificate for the future planned export.

“Negotiations are underway in terms of re-equipping the enterprise. Most likely, we will be able to expand by September and the Georgia-produced wooden toys will appear on the broader market shortly after,” said the Director.

As the company director stated, the demand for their toys is quite high on local and export markets, but due to low production, the toys are sold only in brand stores and are 20-30 per cent cheaper than imported high-quality wooden toys.

Child development-oriented wooden toys are ecologically pure, including materials, paints and packaging. Geometrical figures for construction or with letters of the alphabet are aimed at development of virtual-spatial perception and imaginative skills, as well as analytical skills.

Geo Toys, located in Tbilisi and currently employing 12, was founded in autumn, 2015, with USD 35,000 being invested at the outset.


Ana Akhalaia

04 April 2016 16:47