Technical Regulations of Building Safety to Be Enforced from 2017

Technical regulations on building safety will come into force from January 1, 2017 and to this aim the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development held a meeting where specific directions of technical regulations were discussed.

Preparation of technical regulations was stipulated by the fact that today in Georgia mostly Soviet norms and rules are used in the planning and construction of buildings, which are often outdated and do not meet modern requirements nor provide for proper security.

The new Building Safety Rules were developed based on the International Building Code (IBC) in the frames of USAID’s Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI), which provides international experience in building planning, construction and maintenance.

The Building Safety Rules aim to create minimal requirements to achieve public health, safety and general welfare through the provision of exit facilities, sanitation, proper lighting and ventilation, life and property protection from fire and other threats in the building, as well as ensuring the safety of firefighters and rescuers during emergency situations.

For the regulation of building and facility planning, construction and maintenance, the new Building Safety Rules will create the opportunity to replace Soviet-era standards and regulations, as well as other regulations within the country.

The new Building Safety Rules technical regulation was approved by Governmental Resolution No41 of January 28, 2016.

Ana Akhalaia

28 March 2016 18:41