Mobile Terminal from TBC Bank

With the support of TBC Business, the most innovative and convenient payment system is now available for businesses in Georgia.

Mobile Terminal is a small device which, by using the latest technologies, makes it possible to make payments in any location with all types of plastic cards, including contactless cards.

Mobile Terminal is an innovative product based on digital technology. It is ideal for different types of business: HORECA, beauty salons, markets, shops in trade centers, taxis, courier services, car washes, trade stands and any other type of business.

The advantages of the product:

• Payment is faster than via traditional POS terminals. The payment receipt can be received by SMS or via email.

• The device is small, making it easier and more convenient to carry and install.

• The Mobile Terminal has an online reporting system. The company can create a history of transactions through a web-portal and receive sales statistics, account reports and etc.

• TBC Bank will give mobile card readers to companies free of charge.

In future, several new functions will be added to TBC Bank’s Mobile Terminal.

TBC Bank launched this innovative payment service together with its strategic partner Visa International.

TBC Bank is implementing this innovative service together with international company GoSwiff.

28 March 2016 18:40