Prime Minister Presents Vocational Education Reform

Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, has presented a vocational education reform, as the first stage of educational reforms, which envisages the creation of a labour market-oriented vocational education system.

International studies show that one of the major obstacles for the country’s economic development is the lack of skilled workers. The new reform involves a completely different teaching model which will be based on partnership between the public and private sectors in terms of both training and working.

PM Kvirikashvili stressed the importance of the opportunity for students to communicate with employers in the learning process, after which they can become employed and then start their own business or continue higher education. He said the State aims to create the right conditions for them in every direction.

“The partnership of public and private sectors in no way implies any kind of imposed initiative from the State,” the PM said. “It is a process whereby the private sector gets a guarantee in advance that it will have qualified staff, and on the other hand where the State is able to help reduce unemployment and give a significant boost to the development of the economy.”

The Prime Minister claims that the existence of this type of training model, improved quality of education and modern infrastructure and flexible bureaucracy will allow the country to make a significant leap forward in development.

He added that the government recognizes the importance of setting up appropriate mechanisms for the realization of student business initiatives.

“That is why it is planned to create a funding institution for start-up ideas which will give students, young people with initiatives, the chance to finance their own ideas within new conditions, which will not require them to have to go through normal banking procedures,” PM Kvirikashvili said.

The above youth-oriented start-up financing institution is expected to be launched in the next month.

Ana Akhalaia

28 March 2016 18:36