Society XXI Holds 3-Day Event “Model Government Georgia”

Non-profit organization Society XXI, hosted a three-day project “Model Government Georgia” (MGG) involving hundreds of students from across the country..

The project, which is the intellectual property of the organization, was held at the premises of Grigol Robakidze University and National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on June 13-15. Ministries and top positions including the Prime Minister were replicated, to raise knowledge and become more competent in the issues of the region and particularly Georgia’s security architecture.

The event was colorful and stressful at the same time, as the newly founded organization and its young professional staff had to implement MGG against the background of the Tbilisi floods and the passing away of Dr. Alexander Rondeli, the Honored Adviser to the organization and one of its most important friends. Despite transport chaos in the city and a sense of shock among citizens, the organization proceeded in the hope that Georgian youth could benefit.

Society XXI resists challenges of 21st century Georgia and supports the promotion of knowledge-based society in the country. The team believes that education and professionalism are the very bases of modern social affairs, economic growth, and prosperity.

Society XXI is determined to inculcate principles of open society, liberal democracy, transparency and good governance via enlightenment, education and enabling young generations to participate in public life.

Society XXI is a network of young professionals encouraging and supporting Georgia’s European & Euro-Atlantic future. The main tools - to spread the values and the vision of the organization throughout the country and beyond - are social activities and developing young leaders of the 21st century to encourage and bolster Georgia’s modernization and institutional development.

The Society has implemented several projects, including “Young Georgian Diplomat to European and Euro-Atlantic Institutions”, the career program mutually organized by the World Union of Georgian Students and Society XXI in March this year.

European Party” was one of the main components for MGG to build a network of future professionals of Georgia and to enable them to meet dozens of successful persons from different fields, including diplomacy, politics and academia.

Taking into account the existing situation in the country, the organization’s executive board decided to dedicate the event to Alexander Rondeli and hold it in support of the victims of Tbilisi flooding.

According to the information from the organization’s leadership, “European Party” will be held in the future as a tradition to bring together future generations that are oriented toward contributing to Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Steven Jones

18 June 2015 22:30