Georgia Signs €14 Million Agreement with EU

TBILISI – Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Minister Davit Bakradze and EU Delegation head Janos Herman on Tuesday signed a EUR 14 million agreement as part of Brussels’ Technical Cooperation Facility.

The agreement aims to carry out expert support to state agencies as part of the EU’s Association Agreement and Visa Liberalization Action Plan for Georgia.

The financial support provided by the EU to Georgia is significant in that it is implemented by means of different EU programs and instruments over a fixed number of years.

Since 2007, the EU's financial assistance initiatives have been managed under a twinning program for public agencies (TWINNING) and Technical Assistance Program.

According to Bakradze, TWINNING provides cooperation support to Georgia’s public agencies and their counterparts in the EU member countries. The program also assists in harmonizing legislation procedures in compliance with EU standards.

“Under the Technical Assistance Program, EU agencies are carrying out cooperation projects. These include technical assistance projects, under which private companies are supporting state institutions,” said Bakradze.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas Waller

15 March 2016 21:40