Iranian Company Wants to Export Tractors to Georgia

TBILISI –Iranian Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCO) is interested in exporting tractors to Georgia.

“We want to start exporing to Georgia but it is very important Georgia takes the first step if they want to buy tractors. We have an export department where we can arrange a meeting with Georgian representatives,” ITMCO’s expert in international relations, Arash Moazenzade told Georgian journalists in a tractor factory in Tabriz, Iran.

According to him, there was a very little communication with Georgia which imports tractors mainly from Russia and Belarus currently, however, Iranian tractors are able to compete in terms of quality, as well as price.

ITMCO has produced tractors since 1968. The company annually produces 25 000 tractors, 70% of which remains in Iran, 30% is exported to Sudan, Nigeria, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Iraq.

ITMCO has produced the new ‘ITMS 5000’ type tractors since 2015 which is produced only in 5 countries. It has 150 horsepower. Its price is from $50 000 to $60 000 in Iran, while it costs $100 000 on the global market. The company also makes ‘ITMCO 399’ which has 110 horsepower distributed to the front and rear wheels and consists of 210 different parts. It costs $20 000 but the world market price is much more.

The company employs 5000 people. Their average salary is $700-800. Tabriz Tractor Factory has 2500 employees and 200 of them are women who work in the administration and prepare tractor structures.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Chloe Diamond

03 March 2016 14:46
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