Women’s History Month Kicks off in Georgia with 16 Day Exhibition

TBILISI - March is not only the month spring kicks off, but it’s also women's history month. Through the 31 days most people around the world celebrate special events dedicated to women, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate.

On Tuesday, the United States (US) Embassy in Tbilisi gave a unique occasion to people, who would love to celebrate and support women’s right and gender equality in Georgia.

Portraits of 16 Georgian women, who lead the charge for equality for local society, are on display at the historic museum of Karvasla, in the heart of the old Tbilisi.

The 16 Days Photo Exhibition highlights the 16 women who were photographed in November’s gender equality campaign supported by the US Embassy.

Many of the 16 women themselves appeared at the exhibit to speak about how they are working to prevent gender violence and inequality.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women's Global Leadership Institute coordinated by the Center for Women's Global Leadership in 1991.

Maia Felishvili is a police captain, investigator with more than 8 years of experience in the fight against violence.

She is among the honourable women who have been fighting for a better life for women in Georgia. She emphasized that her message to female victims is to express your rights and to be aware that they are protected by the law.

“This project has given me different perspectives of perceptions. After this I realize that I am doing something what are on my obligatory duties, to ensure effective implementation of the law. But other ladies whose portraits are on display today, they are doing it by volunteering, upon their will. They inspired me to fight against women violence more zealously,” Felishvili commented.

“Always and everywhere I have an opportunity I fight violence against women with words. I try to assure everyone despite of their gender and or age that no one has a right to limit a woman’s choice and freedom,” Ninia Kakabadze, journalist and human rights activist stated.

David Wamper, cultural attaché in Georgia is the organizer of the project. Over four months he personally took photos of the female activists.

He emphasized that equal right for women and democracy within the family for the country, looking to integrate into the west is very important.

“It’s women’s history month, so we’ve decided to take these pictures, so we can look at them, they can look at us, we can highlight the great things these women are doing to promote gender equality in Georgia,” Wamper said.

By Tamar Svanidze

Edited by Chloe Diamond

Photo: Tamar Svanidze

02 March 2016 14:09