USA Supports Georgia With 4.95 Million Dollars

USAID will support Georgia through an agreement to build a more stable, integrated and healthy society.

Douglas Ball, the director of USAID in the Caucasus, along with Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri, signed a grant agreement for the development of Georgia on January 11th in Tbilisi.

According to the agreement, USAID will support the Georgian Government with 4.95 million US dollars during five years to involve and integrate vulnerable groups, such as women, adults, persons with disabilities, and ethnic minorities.

This is the third agreement between the countries in the past few months. The US and Georgia signed two agreements on December 22nd in 2015, which supported Georgia with 69.3 million dollars in order to develop economic and democratic processes in the country.

The full amount of aid the US has given Georgia is more than four milliard dollars.

14 January 2016 15:59