EU Report on Georgia's Visa Liberalization Postponed

Georgia’s Ambassador to the EU, Natalia Sabanadze, has confirmed the visa Liberalization report for Georgia has been postponed for a few days.

When talking to Imedi TV she said the publication of the European Commission’s report on the implementation of visa liberalization action plan by Georgia has been postponed. She said this has nothing to do with Georgia.

According to Sabanadze, she was officially informed that the publication was delayed a few days, “but I can also say officially that this has nothing to do with Georgia. Our report, as I know, will be positive in the end,” the Ambassador stated.

The EU’s Chief Diplomat, Federica Mogherini, has declared at the EU Foreign Minister’s Council that the EU has done everything for the EU liberalization report on Ukraine and Georgia, and it will be published at the end of December.

“The discussion on visa liberalization was held on December 14 and we agreed that we are on the right path. The decision is of utmost significance for our citizens allowing them to be closer. The work continues,” Mogherini underlined.

The Georgian Public Broadcaster has said the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Johannes Hahn, told reporters in Brussels that the reports and recommendations on Georgia and Ukraine will be positive.

"The reports and recommendations on Georgia and Ukraine will be positive and we will present them to the Member States, after which the Member States will make a decision. Most likely it will take a few months, but we are on a positive path," – Hahn declared

Today’s scheduled press conference from EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman, to discuss the EU’s final report, has been cancelled. 

16 December 2015 10:13